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e surface of the mo▓on is formed by the interaction of solar wind with the su▓rface regolith. So this is something that Swedish sci▓entists together with Chinese scientists want to answer," sa▓id Koehler.The Chang'e-4 mission, including the ▓probe, the relay satellite Queqiao and a micro satellite orbiting the

moon, is equipped with four payloads developed through international coop


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eration, providing more o▓pportunities to the world's scientists and combining human expertise in space exp▓loration."I think one of the beauties of space science is that we do cooperate internationally. Space science to me is something important, also as a message of peace worldwide," Wimmer-Schweingrube

r said.For astronomers,▓ the far side of the moon is a place of ideal tran▓q


cience and Space S

uility, as the body of the moon shields ag▓ainst radio interference from Earth. From there▓, they can study the origins and evolution of stars and galaxies, peering into the dawn of the universe.▓Chang'e-4 carries low-frequency radio astronomical instruments developed by Chinese and Dutch scientist▓s. "Conduc

ting such observation on the moon's far side is a long cherished goal of ast


ituational Aware

▓ronomers, and could fill gaps in astronomical observation,"said Zou.The probe also took six live species - cotton, rapeseed, potato, arabidopsis, f▓ruit fly and yeast - to the lifeless environment to form a ▓mini biosphere, which is expected to produce ▓the first flower on the moon.Chinese ▓space engineers

also plan to get data by constantly meas▓uring temperatures on the surface of


ness,▓ Sw

the moon."Exp▓loring the far side of the moon is one contribution China is making to the world. Although we still don't know what we might find, this exploration might influence several generations,▓" said Shen Zhenrong, a designer of the lunar rover.Wu▓ Weiren said: "Exploring the unknown is human nature▓

. The moon is a mysterious world to us. We have a responsibility to explore

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